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Your Custom Shed Possibilities Are Endless

Typically when one thinks about shed possibilities it conjures up ideas of a boxed, off-the-shelf, assembly nightmare with thousands of nuts and bolts and screws that’ll take you days to put together. Or a “we’ll assemble for you” shed from your favorite home improvement store. The former might cost you a little sanity, and both will leave you with the quality of a massed produced shed.

Custom shed possibilities are endless

You can have what you want and get the quality you deserve from Sheds by Keith. Maybe you want an art studio or a cool little retreat down by the pond. Sheds aren’t just for storing lawn mowers and a few garden tools anymore.

Just last month we sat down with a customer who wanted some extra living area on his property, but without the $80,000 price tag of a new addition. By the time our free consultation was over we designed a wonderful new space with both indoor and outdoor living. And did it for over $60,000 less than traditional add-on construction would have cost. Granted we don’t do the plumbing or electrical, but the cost savings is significant with a custom shed by Keith even after those costs are figured in.

These pics tell the story:

Pretty awesome, huh! A Facebooker from Los Angles even asked if “We deliver to Los Angeles?” after seeing this shed. Something tells me Keith would do it. As the headline reads, the possibilities are endless.

In case you’re interested in how Keith and his team of carpenters put it together, here’s the breakdown:

11 x 18 Outdoor Living Area Base price for a 11 x 18 Building – $7299.00 4 Piers – $240.00 Upgrade flooring to 3/4″ plywood – $320.00 Raise walls from 6ft up to 8ft – $400.00 72″ Windowed French Doors – $600.00 36″ Windowed Door – $300.00 Eaves on all 4 sides – $400.00 (24″ front, 12″ sides and back) 5 – 14″ x 36″ Double Pane Transom Windows – $600.00 (10ft down to 8 ft Inside Height) Radiant and Moister Barrier under siding – $1000.00 LP Lap Siding – $1800.00 4 – 32″ x 72″ Windows – $1800.00 Storm Guard Roof Sealant – $300.00 (Required for low pitched roofs) Wrap around Deck – $2600.00 Deck Railings – $1200.00 6ft Wide Staircase – $600.00 ——————— Total All Inclusive Price – $19,459.00 No other taxes or charges

ALL SHEDS INCLUDE: Radiant Barrier Roof Decking Tar Paper 2″ Flashing/Drip Edge LP Smart Siding LP Smart Trim (Matches Siding) Owens-Corning Lifetime Dimensional Shingles 3 – 8ft x 16″ Shelves 2 – Fresh Air Vents Earth Anchors Well, that’s it for this week, folks. Take a look at our Showcase, connect with us on Facebook and take a look at our Angie’s List reviews. Or you can call or email us to start a conversation or setup a free consultation.

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