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A Shed Base Built To Last

Our shed base might just be the reason you’re here

We all know the shed base is the most important part of any shed. At Sheds by Keith it’s no different. But what is different is the way we build ours.

2 X 6 treated lumber construction on sixteen inch centers (that means they’re spaced 16 inches apart for those of you that don’t speak shed) and cross braced between the 2 X 6’s. And that’s not all. We bury house leveling blocks under the four corners and level the base with perimeter blocks. We support every single floor joist down the middle of the shed so it’s built like a pier and beam house. By the way we also put our roof rafters and walls on 16 inch centers. Oh yeah, one more thing, when the shed size is deeper than 10 feet we go to treated 2 X 8’s. Let that sink in.

Our Base Leads The Industry

Our customers have many reasons for giving us their shed business. But the quality and strength of the base is the one they mention most often.  After all, what good is a brand new shiny custom shed if the foundation isn’t up to the job?

Keith made sure from the beginning that his base would be built in such a way that it would be the standard for every shed he built. And to this day it’s built job by job, piece by piece, from the ground up.

Here’s a quote from a customer that mentions (of course) how sturdy we build our sheds:

Very sturdily built and beautiful. Keith was available to offer many creative suggestions and to talk with me about ideas I had as well. I never felt rushed. Very professional and polite crew.

And if you really want to get custom

We’ve built all kinds of sizes and shapes. A little turn here, a little curve there, no problem. The shed base does its job no matter how custom you want to get. It’s just what we do.

We’re proud of our shed base (if you hadn’t noticed). It’s the reason we can say “Built Like a House, Not Like a Shed!”

So if you’re in the market for a custom shed, look no further than a custom shed by Keith. You’ll get the base but you’ll also get the same great quality and customer service we put into every shed we build.

Check us out on Facebook and take a look at our reviews on Angieslist. Then give us a call at (817)-476-0007 or email us for a free quote or to request a free on-site consultation.

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