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Avoid Wasting Time and Money On A Subpar Storage Shed

I’m a real homeowner with real storage shed needs. And based on the fact you’re reading this, I am betting you are, too. For me, there’s no worse problem than having a bunch of stuff with no place to put it. And nothing worse than having a storage shed to put it in that’s subpar.

Now, with a Custom Shed by Keith, you gain access to the best built storage shed on the market. Dare I say on Earth, even. It’s a storage shed built like a house, not like shed. It puts the mass produced, overpriced, so-called storage shed sold at home improvement stores to shame.

Specifically, Keith builds his storage sheds on 16 inch centers with treated lumber, leveled on concrete blocks, with 2 X 6 cross bracing. In that one sentence alone Keith leaves his competitors in the dust. The first thing you’ll notice when you step into it is how solid it feels. No wonder Sheds by Keith has a perfect A rating on Angie’s list.

Lesser quality storage sheds and shed builders just won’t do. Shed owner delight rests with a Custom Shed by Keith. Sizes and styles vary only by the limitation of your imagination. What’s more, you can call Keith at anytime for advice or to ask questions. From where to put it, to what size and shape and features.

Keith’s storage shed will be a fabulous addition to your property that will perform for decades. In fact, when you consider quality and price, there’s no better value for your storage needs than hiring Keith and his team of carpenters.

As Keith loves to say, “Sheds make me happy,” and he’s pretty sure a Custom Shed by Keith will make you happy, too. Call or email today for a free quote. You’ll be glad you did.

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