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Custom Sheds for Custom Areas

Custom sheds in any size and shape, for any size and shape area

Custom sheds for custom areas is what we’re all about. What most, if not all shed builders won’t do is build your custom shed in any size and shape. And for any area you have in mind.

But Sheds by Keith will.  For over seven years we’ve been doing just that.  Not everything fits into a perfect set of circumstances, and we understand that.

We’ve built our business on the idea that you decide how and where you want it. We’re merely the consultant and the builder.

We work in tight spaces, on hillsides, on grass, dirt, rock, in the middle of a field, on the edge of lakes and streams and around all kinds of HOA bylaws.

You name it, we’ve built on and around a ton of different circumstances.

Here’s what one satisfied customer had to say:

The shed was custom built in accordance with city and the HOA requirements. The HOA basically restricted the height of the shed to be no taller than my fence height (8′) and could not be seen from the street. Keith did a great job in meeting the HOA requirements and providing a well-constructed shed that meets my needs. Keith and his crew were professional, punctual, and kept a clean work site. I have waited approximately 4 months before posting this review in order to assure that there were no issues with the construction. There have been no issues with the shed since it was built. The city inspector also commented that the shed was very well constructed.

We strive to hit the mark

You know we hit the mark when a city inspector comments on the quality of our work.

Custom sheds for custom areas is how we’ve built our business. So, if you’re looking for a custom shed and need the flexibility of a shed builder who will work with your specific needs, look no further than Sheds by Keith.

Take a look at our showcase and read up on our reviews at Angie’s List, then give us a call for a free quote.

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