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Cedar Lean-To Shed

A Cedar Lean-To Shed might just be what you’re looking for

Often, customers aren’t sure what they want in a cedar lean-to shed but they do know they want it to fit in with their overall backyard look. That’s why some would-be shed owners opt for cedar. It’s one of the most popular woods out there. And when you couple it with a lean-to design and can be customized to fit right in and you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever lived without it.

Cedar is an all-weather wood

Cedar can withstand the weather and year-around temperature variations. It can be stained or painted to seamlessly fit in with your existing home decor, and it is naturally resistant to mildew, rot, and insects.  Cedar also looks beautiful and smells great. Cedar is a natural choice for an outdoor storage shed.Additionally, you can add a ton of attractive features. Windows, window boxes, dutch door, double doors, porches, and decorative hardware. Cedar lean-to sheds offer so many possibilities that other sheds like metal and plastic don’t. Cedars natural beauty and durability make it an attractive focal point of your backyard unlike most sheds that don’t.

And as you already know

Keith and his team of carpenters will customize it any way you want. Inside or out. Multiple shelves, cabinets, overhead loft areas; basically anything you can think of.   Imagine a cedar lean-to shed adding more storage or work space to your backyard, along with aesthetic beauty and that great cedar smell. Of course, even if you need a storage area rather than a lean-to shed, cedar storage sheds can be customized to fit any size or shape.

So if you’re in the market for a cedar lean-to shed give us a call (817) 476-0007 or email us for a free quote or on-site consultation. You can also check out our reviews on Angieslist and Facebook.

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